Pure protection with hygienic wall cladding from Trovex

At alGEK, we highly recommend Trovex wall cladding for its tried and tested technology that maintains an aesthetic appeal whilst delivering antibacterial surfaces and long-lasting protection for the most demanding commercial environments. Trovex wall cladding systems also boast exceptional strength and resistance to impact, moisture and chemicals.


Low-maintenance, hygienic surfaces

The undoubted versatility of Trovex wall cladding systems is what makes it so easy for us to specify for a range of commercial applications. The Trovex Diamond system is used to clad walls and ceilings to create a low-maintenance and hygienic surface that’s supremely easy to keep clean and is resistant to impact, spills and stains.


The practical benefits of Trovex wall cladding

  • Tough, long-lasting surfaces
    Durability is the key to the success of Trovex wall cladding systems, boasting exceptional strength and resistance to all kinds impacts, moisture and chemicals.
  • Stunning finished appearance
    Not only does Trovex walling provide exceptional levels of hygiene and long-lasting protection in heavy-duty applications, it also results in a beautiful aesthetic to complement any commercial interior.
  • Antimicrobial surface treatments available
    Trovex’s Activ:ion™ technology provides a naturally antibacterial finish to any wall cladding, preventing microbes from reproducing; the perfect solution for any clinical application.


Reliable and experienced commercial wall cladding installations

At alGEK, we are driven to provide a high-quality finish for all your wall cladding requirements for the most demanding commercial applications.

We always work to the highest standards of health and safety. All our processes are ISO-certified, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.