Commercial floor screeding for a range of applications and sectors

At alGEK, our highly-experienced team work closely with builders and architects to provide high-quality floor screeding solutions for all types of commercial and industrial applications, guaranteeing a truly level floor surface to receive floor finishes, encase underfloor heating pipes or to be left as a hard-wearing surface in its own right.
With over three decades of experience in the flooring industry, we’re well-versed in the application of floor screeding for single retail units through to large-scale commercial and retail developments. You can rely on our professional team to deliver a durable, level floor screeding, on-time and within budget.

Flawless screed surface for any floor finishes

In any commercial or industrial setting the flooring must be a smooth and level surface in order to work safely and keep working environments clean and robust. Our highly-skilled foremen have vast experience in applying screed flooring that’s capable of withstanding high-traffic and usage.

Superior screeds mixed on-site

Whatever your concrete floor needs are, we can provide you with superior quality floor screeds that are mixed on-site by our trained professionals. The ability to mix on-site allows us to change the recipe of the mix to provide different attributes that you may require depending on the application.

Highly practical and affordable

We only use quality products to allow us to guarantee the mix proportions of our floor screed. The outcome is a uniform, flawless screed floor that’s hard-wearing and ready for any floor treatment you require. It’s still one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions for commercial and industrial environments, giving businesses and organisations the best platform on which to work.