Resin Screeds

Hygienic, hard-wearing finishes for concrete, sand and cement screeds

For heavy-duty commercial and industrial environments where only the most durable flooring will do, at alGEK, we’re experienced in the application of resin floor screeds to create attractive finishes on top of concrete and sand and cement screeds. Ideal for fast-track installations, resin screeds deliver a smooth, flawless finish that’s suitable for heavy-load and chemical-resistant commercial and industrial applications.
A fantastic flooring investment for any commercial or industrial premises, resin floor screeds can help concrete flooring last a lifetime with very little maintenance necessary. While resin based screeds are highly practical they can also be decorative with a high-gloss finish able to be achieved if required.

Ideal hard flooring for when cleanliness is paramount

For commercial applications such as food preparation areas and restaurant kitchens, resin screeds provide hygienic surfaces that are easy to wipe clean and don’t retain contaminants that can fester and develop over time.

Anti-slip characteristics

In even the heaviest industrial environments where large vehicles and machinery is utilised, such as engineering plants and factories, resin screeds feature dynamic load resistance to stand up to heavy-duty operations. Meanwhile their anti-slip characteristics lend themselves perfectly to the use of vehicles in trafficked industrial environments.

Seamless, joint-free finish

For high-traffic industrial environments such as chemical production plants, loading areas and factories, resin screed provides a seamless hard floor that’s joint-free, providing excellent chemical, impact and abrasion resistance for the most demanding work spaces.