Polyurethane Screeds

Versatile and cost-effective polyurethane screeding systems

For industrial applications in even the harshest operating conditions, at alGEK, we can specify and install highly versatile polyurethane screeds that are lighter and achieve a longer-lasting working life than most standard wire sorting panels. Polyurethane screeds are particularly effective sorters with excellent operational performance in wet and dry screeding conditions.
Regardless of your organisation’s feed rate, material size or depth of bed and whatever you’re screeding, polyurethane screeds can be fitted to provide long-life, consistent performance.

Designed with precision

For industrial screeding environments requiring the highest protection against wear and tear, we can specify polyurethane screeds that can be readily substituted for steel meshes. Designed with precision, they are self-cleaning and help to reduce operational noise. Meanwhile their conical hole shapes prevent material from getting clogged-up in the gaps.

Modular screeds capable of being produced to meet bespoke requirements

We can supply and install polyurethane screeds to specified sizes, providing your application with ergonomic sorting screeds to size that will maintain their performance even under heavy-duty usage.

Last considerably longer than steel meshes

In terms of the figures, screed panels made from high-tensile polyurethane compounds tends to last up to five times longer than their wire mesh counterparts, ensuring a cost-effective addition that also streamlines operational efficiencies.