Cost-effective and compliant wall cladding from SimplyClad

With a comprehensive range of wall cladding systems, suitable for all types of commercial applications, we regularly specify SimplyClad’s cost-effective walling for fast-track installations as well as commercial environments where colour and style is equally as important as practicality.

Conforms to all current hygiene and fire regulations

Each SimplyClad wall cladding solution is compliant with all existing hygiene and fire regulations and has been awarded CE marks, as well as meeting EU conformity. Its unique SimplyClad AG antimicrobial sheet offers exceptional levels of hygiene; ideal for clinical environments as well as commercial kitchens and food preparation units.


The practical benefits of SimplyClad wall cladding

  • Simple installation ideal for fast-track requirements
    The simplicity of a SimplyClad system installation means that we often recommend their cladding for commercial applications where time is of the essence.
  • Antimicrobial technology
    SimplyClad’s AG antimicrobial sheet, utilising silver ion technology, can be specified for specific environments where hygiene and clinical performance are paramount.
  • Digital printing available
    SimplyDigital commercial wall cladding features the reproduction of high-resolution imagery or artwork directly onto the cladding – the perfect way to add a little personality and vibrancy to any lobby, reception area or commercial office.


Reliable and experienced commercial wall cladding installations

At alGEK, we are driven to provide a high-quality finish for all your wall cladding requirements for the most demanding commercial applications.

We always work to the highest standards of health and safety. All our processes are ISO-certified, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.