Specialist Rubber EPDM

Specialist hard-wearing EPDM rubber flooring for a range of sectors

At alGEK, we install exclusive, specialist rubber EPDM flooring systems to provide attractive and comfortable surfaces, suitable for a wide range of commercial applications across a number of sectors. Terrazoflex rubber flooring combines EPDM rubber granules that are bonded together with a durable polyurethane resin. The result is a seamless surface that offers a number of aesthetic qualities.
Terrazoflex rubber EPDM surfaces can be applied directly onto the floor, both inside and outside, with impressive resistance to extreme climatic elements such as snow, frost and even heat-wave temperatures. These versatile rubber flooring solutions can be the answer to any commercial renovation or construction project requiring low-maintenance, time-saving and cost-effective flooring.

Shock and noise absorption qualities

In terms of the practical benefits of Terrazoflex rubber EPDM flooring, it provides commercial environments with significant noise-reduction, as well as shock absorption underfoot, making Terrazoflex a really effective flooring choice for heavy-traffic applications.

Offers the strength and durability of a hard floor

For commercial applications requiring the strength and durability of a hard floor, Terrazoflex ticks all of the boxes; with the added bonus of being respectful of the wider environment and easy maintenance. Specialist rubber EPDM flooring provides the uniformity and aesthetics of any seamless hard floor surface.

Installed on-site to suit your bespoke requirements

Terrazoflex surfacing features a resin-granulated mixture that’s prepared on-site and installed by hand to meet the exacting requirements of each client, with a range of designs and colours available for a truly personalised finish.

Terrazoflex rubber EPDM surfacing works superbly in all manner of commercial environments, including:

  • Department stores
  • Shopping centres and arcades
  • Pedestrian stairs and bridges
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Cruise liners
  • Public areas
  • School classrooms
  • Ice rinks