Sealers and Dust Sealers

Sealers and dust sealers for commercial and industrial applications

For commercial and industrial environments where concrete flooring is used, we can specify and apply high-quality surface sealers and dust sealers that can strengthen and dustproof porous concrete within a single coat. We work with builders and architects to solve flooring issues such as weakened, dusty floor screeds and poor-quality concrete by treating concrete floors and cement screeds with virtually odourless sealers.
With more than 30 years of experience in the flooring industry, at alGEK, our highly-skilled team know a thing or two about transforming tired, previously untreated concrete and masonry surfaces. We greatly improve the durability of work surfaces in factories, warehouses, industrial plants and many other commercial environments.

Greatly improved hygiene

For commercial environments such as warehouse and storage facilities, it’s important to maintain a clean and hygienic working area. Accumulation of dust particles and other unsightly dirt can cause serious headaches. Our application of surface sealants and dustproof sealers can suppress dust and improve the durability and finish of commercial and industrial hard flooring.

Hard-wearing finishes

Concrete floor sealers and dustproofers feature a curing compound that ensures a hard-wearing surface capable of heavy-duty, high-traffic use from machinery, vehicles and people.

Suitable for new installations and renovations

Whether it’s a newly installed concrete floor or a well-used existing floor, screed or render, our sealers and surface protectors will ensure long-lasting performance from commercial and industrial surfaces, coping with even the most demanding use.