Rubber Sheet Matting

Flexible rubber sheet matting for demanding industrial applications

At alGEK, we’ve worked with industrial and commercial clients for many years, specifying and installing low-maintenance, high-performance flooring across a range of applications. Rubber sheeting and matting tends to be one of the most reliable, all-purpose flooring solutions for even the most demanding of work environments.
We work closely with builders and architects to specify rubber sheet safety matting when necessary to prevent fatigue, wear and slippage. It continues to prove a cost-effective choice of flooring for retail and leisure applications too, where footfall is prolonged and high.

Excellent insulation and ground protection

Commercial grade rubber sheeting is specially formulated to provide unrivalled protection to industrial surfaces that encounter medium to high loads, as well as much-needed insulation for commercial environments. It’s a highly economical synthetic flooring that’s resistant to mild organic acids, ketones, aldehydes and detergents to withstand most industrial climates.

Anti-slip protection

Rubber sheet matting can also prove very effective in sports and leisure environments such as high-performance gyms. Rubber matting can provide substantial anti-slip protection and impact absorption necessary for the most demanding sports facilities and equipment.

Long-lasting durability and performance

With over 30 years of experience in the flooring industry, we have the know-how to carefully specify the correct rubber sheets for your surface; with the ability to select matting that copes with high temperatures, is weather resistant and handles high-traffic, along with a range of surface finishes.