Rubber Mulch

Eco-friendly rubber mulch safety surfaces

At alGEK, we have more than 30 years of experience in specifying the safest and most practical flooring solutions for any commercial environment. Today, rubber mulch is one of the most common safety surfaces and is increasingly installed in children’s playgrounds, play areas and many other leisure facilities.
Created from recycled rubber, the rubber is shredded to create a bark-like material that is bound with a specially formulated polyurethane solution to create a seamless surface. We highly recommend rubber mulch surfacing for all types of recreational applications due to its low maintenance, durability to the outside elements and flexible design options.

Cost-effective with no need for expensive groundwork

As a relatively cost-effective hard flooring material, the application of rubber mulch surfacing also makes it cheaper than comparable safety flooring materials. There’s no requirement for expensive groundwork prior to application, with the ability to install onto most surfaces.

Excellent levels of impact absorption

Bonded rubber mulch flooring provides excellent impact absorption that’s much-needed in children’s play areas and school playgrounds. The surface is also exceptionally porous, so providing the surface beneath offers reasonable drainage you can be sure that it won’t entertain unwanted surface water after heavy downpours, making it useable all year round.

Well-suited to landscaping applications

Due to its natural, earthy appearance, rubber mulch surfacing is also well-suited to landscaping applications such as seating areas and walkways, creating safe, aesthetically pleasing spaces for environments such as schools, colleges, leisure centres and public parks.