Epoxy Paints

Colourful and protective epoxy paints for concrete flooring

At alGEK, we work closely with builders and architects to specify an alternative solution to bare, plain concrete flooring in commercial and industrial environments. Epoxy floor paints are a cost-effective choice for applications that need to look their best. Epoxy paint does not only protect the concrete floor itself – resisting oil stains and damage from acids and salts – it provides a colourful, glossy finish that’s aesthetically pleasing.
Most high-quality epoxy flooring paint can be applied to concrete, cement and non-ferrous metals, providing excellent adhesion to all recommended substrates. Its glossy finish is combined with a hard-wearing performance that offers high-level abrasion and impact resistance – perfect for environments receiving heavy traffic.

Excellent coverage and durability

For any commercial or industrial environment, epoxy paint can provide complete coverage of any concrete floor, future-proofing its durability for years to come. From the moment the epoxy paint is applied it is safe to use in all manner of applications, including food preparation. Epoxy flooring paints can also be used on top of concrete flooring with under floor heating systems, up to specified surface temperatures.

Long-lasting style

Easy to clean and maintain, epoxy paint does not lose its colour or style despite regular cleaning. It can handle daily mopping and sweeping, making it a truly cost-effective way to bring some brightness and personality into heavily trafficked industrial environments.

Perfect for factories, warehouses or showrooms

A concrete floor that’s well-covered with epoxy paint can help create that perfect first impression that many businesses and organisations need. Whether it’s a car showroom, warehouse retail outlet or an engineering facility, epoxy gloss coats can make an architectural statement whilst offering exceptional practicality and resistance.