Surface DPM

Surface damp-proof membranes for carpet & vinyl flooring

At alGEK, we understand the importance of comprehensive preparation of surfaces before the installation of floor coverings for commercial and industrial use. Residual construction moisture and water vapour are just two of the problems many encounter when exposing concrete flooring to the elements.
Our highly-experienced team can provide a fast-track solution for commercial installations and refurbishment projects with the application of a surface damp-proof membrane.

Comprehensive moisture protection

A surface damp-proof membrane is designed to suppress excess residual construction moisture in new screeds whilst guard against the threat of rising moisture from the ground.

We’re capable of applying damp proof membranes to concrete flooring and fine concrete screeds. This provides even the most rigid surfaces with an excellent tolerance to residual moisture, allowing for the immediate installation of moisture-sensitive floor finishes – such as modular carpet tiling and vinyl onto latexed surfaces.

Reliable and experienced commercial flooring installations

We’re regularly specified by builders and architects who trust our highly-skilled, dependable foreman to oversee the surface damp-proofing of any commercial or industrial premises with the utmost attention to detail and professionalism.

Our team are driven to provide a high-quality finish for all your commercial flooring requirements.

At alGEK, we always work to the highest standards of health and safety. All our processes are ISO-certified, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.