Seamless Sports Flooring

Smooth, flawless polyurethane sports flooring

Developed for both recreational and professional sports facilities, seamless sports flooring is designed to provide a flawless, hazard-proof playing surface game after game. At alGEK, we have many years of experience in specifying and installing seamless polyurethane sport flooring that’s made to perform day in, day out regardless of heavy-duty usage.
We work with sports centres, gyms, health clubs, schools, colleges and professional sports teams to deliver high-quality seamless sports surfaces for athletes at every level. Whether it’s a 5-a-side football league, a spinning fitness class or an indoor netball tournament, these facilities require a perfectly level pitch or court that’s comfortable underfoot and easy to maintain.

Slip and wear-resistant

By its very name, seamless sports floors are truly smooth, offering an impeccable playing surface for all sports with no lumps, cracks or bumps in sight. The fact the flooring is so smooth you may fear the surface is incredibly slippery. However, seamless polyurethane floors are treated with anti-slip and anti-wear resistance, offering excellent levels of safety for players of all levels and experiences.

Multi-purpose sports flooring

Durable and hard-wearing, seamless sports flooring is the floor of choice for many multi-functional buildings too, such as schools and community halls, as well as dedicated sports centres. The flexibility of seamless polyurethane flooring is such that you could host a community coffee morning in the morning and then a school PE class in the afternoon.

Cost-effective surfaces to refurbish and repair

Seamless sports flooring should be viewed as a long-term investment. Not only is it highly resilient against heavy-duty usage, it’s very cost-effective to refurbish and repair too. Without the need to remove the existing floor, it’s possible to lay a fresh coat of polyurethane on top of your existing seamless floor to breathe new life into your playing surface.