Versatile sports flooring for multi-use halls and gymnasiums

The reality for many sports facilities, colleges and schools is that many sporting activities are required to share a single space – having the luxury of different pitches and courts for each sport is simply not a cost-effective option. At alGEK, our 30-plus years of experience in the flooring industry enables us to specify and install synthetic multi-use sports flooring, offering durability, performance and safety, without compromise.
For schools, colleges and universities, multi-purpose halls and gymnasiums are required to meet a variety of performance requirements. From hosting school exams and cultural events to high-level regional sports championships, multi-purpose sports flooring provides the durability and functionality often found in high-traffic commercial environments.

Easily maintained and treated

All multi-purpose sports flooring systems that we install offer an easy-to-clean and maintain solution for all types of heavy-duty gymnasiums and sporting facilities.

Proven functionality

Vinyl and poured polyurethane sports flooring provides excellent shock and sound absorption for all types of high-impact sports, whilst maintaining a true ball response at all times. Schools, colleges, community centres and sports facilities across the UK and beyond depend on multi-use sports flooring systems to keep people playing.

Reduce transition between events

For premises that play host to regular sports activities as well as community events, multi-purpose vinyl sports flooring reduces the transition time between activities, improving the overall functionality of a facility and delivering a greater return on investment.