Rubber Flooring

Reliable rubber surfaces ideal for outdoor sports and leisure facilities

For sports and leisure environments such as health clubs, sports centres and children’s playground areas, rubber flooring can provide you with complete certainty over the durability and safety of walkways and playing surfaces. Available in eco-friendly recycled rubber, these refined cost-effective surfaces offer anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties and can be acquired in different thicknesses depending on your application.

This extremely comfortable surface is supremely hard-wearing and caters perfectly for high-traffic areas. Our rubber flooring is subsequently very popular in country clubs and golf courses around the world that demand only the very best protection and consistency for their paths and surrounding areas. Similarly, our award-winning Terrazoflex flooring can also offer busy outdoor areas an attractive, comfortable surface, with significant noise-reduction properties.


Terrazoflex: Innovative EPDM rubber flooring

For commercial clients requiring seamless flooring that’s easy to care for, our unique Terrazoflex flooring ticks all of the right boxes. Acclaimed for its innovation at the DOMOTEX 2003 Trade Fair in Hanover, the EPDM rubber granules are bonded with a polyurethane resin to create a resilient yet aesthetically pleasing surface.

Minimise wear and tear of paths and surrounding areas

Our rubber flooring is normally poured into place on-site with minimal disruption to outdoor environments, resulting in a surface that’s consistent year-round, requiring very little maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best, whether it’s a children’s play area, a golf course walkway or that first-class country club entrance.

Available in a range of colours and designs

The hand-applied rubber flooring is available in a range of existing colours and designs to suit the requirements of your commercial environment. Using the latest mixing technology we can even achieve a personalised effect in your new rubber surface that’s on-brand and consistent with your patrons’ on-site experience.