Surface DPM

Surface damp proof membranes for durable solid floors

At alGEK, our 30-plus years of experience in the flooring industry means that we are regularly specified to assist builders and architects in the damp proof treatment of concrete and sand/cement subfloors for fast-track installations in commercial and industrial environments. Surface DPMs are designed to suppress residual moisture on concrete and guard against the threat of rising damp.
The application of epoxy and liquid damp proof membranes to concrete and sand/cement bases enables the early laying of moisture-sensitive hard flooring finishes and adheres to saturated concrete even at lower temperatures. It’s also suitable for cement and sand-based screeds with under floor water heating systems.

Easy, cost-effective solution

Surface damp proof membranes are easily applied, with strong adhesive qualities and quick drying and installation times, making them extremely versatile. Epoxy floor coatings can even provide sufficient protection to surfaces so that no other floor coverings need to be placed on top, making it a cost-effective flooring treatment for light industrial environments.

Resistant to on-site damage

Surface DPMs provide commercial and industrial flooring with outstanding resistance to contaminants such as water, grease, oil, salts and minerals as well as organic acids.

Suitable for new installations and renovations

Whether it’s a newly installed concrete floor or a well-used existing floor, screed or render, our tough polypropylene, epoxy and liquid-applied surface DPMs will ensure long-lasting performance from commercial and industrial surfaces and protection against rising damp.