Eco-Mulch Rubber

Impact-absorbing eco-mulch rubber surfacing

At alGEK, we have more than three decades of experience in the flooring industry and can specify and install a wide range of flooring suitable for safety and eco-conscious commercial environments. Eco-mulch rubber shred surfacing is an increasingly popular synthetic surface made from rubber bark chippings and bound with a polyurethane polymer to create a porous, flexible rubber safety surface.
For sports and leisure facilities that require a hard-wearing flooring system that offers outstanding impact absorption for patrons, eco-mulch rubber flooring can provide your organisation with a versatile unified system.

Made from 100% recycled rubber

For clients seeking an environmentally friendly solution to relaying or laying new flooring for commercial applications such as playgrounds, play areas and trail walks, mulch rubber surfacing is made using 100% recycled rubber that’s non-toxic and eco-friendly.

No risk of rotting or degradation

As recycled mulch rubber surfacing is made using bark-like rubber chippings, it’s a cost-effective surface installation as it will never rot or degrade like real bark. It won’t attract animals and nor will it be affected by the outside elements.

Entirely porous for year-round use

The porosity of eco-mulch rubber means that it is capable of draining surface water quickly and efficiently, making it a great investment for leisure facilities requiring heavy-traffic use 365 days a year. Bespoke designs are available to accommodate your business or organisation’s budget and aesthetic requirements.